MBA стипендия Нашите партньори от IBS с неустоимо предложение

MBA стипендия - MBA in Data-driven Management - IBS

Нашите партньори от International Business School, Будапеща стартираха нова МBA програма и предвиждат 25% scholarship (от таксата за обучение) за един студент, кандидатствал с наше съдействие.

MBA programme is a transformational experience which aims to develop essential professional and soft skills to nurture leaders of the 21st century.

The programme explores and develops all areas of corporate management, with a strong emphasis on the most in-demand skills in business: analytical skills, data management, business intelligence and a wide array of soft skills. The IBS MBA experience is a one-year full-time programme, designed for professionals with 3 to 5 years of work experience.

Изисквания към кандидатите:

MBA in Data-Driven Management

  • Bachelor’s degree in any field of study,
  • transcript with at least one module in mathematics or finance,
  • CV,
  • work reference of 3-5 years,
  • IELTS 6.5
  • motivation letter.

Научете повече за  MBA in Data-Driven Management programme.

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Нови програми в IBS-International Business School от есента на 2016

Ваня Диамандиева - IBS Budapest

logo-IBSКакто в края на лятото обявихме, нашите партньори от IBS – International Business School (Будапеща) реорганизираха своя учебен план и от есента на 2016 г. ще предлагат и нови както бакалавърски, така и магистърски програми в областите management, finance, diplomacy, marketing, tourism, HR,  в трите си кампуса Будапеща, Виена и Краков.

Ето и кратка информация за предлаганите програми: 

Bachelor’s Programmes

All our bachelor’s programmes are 3-year full-time courses of modular studies leading to the Bachelor of Science degree conferred by The University of Buckingham.

BSc in Financial Management
As a graduate of this programme, you will develop your ability to read and understand financial statements, evaluate business propositions and acquire knowledge about how capital and money markets work.
BSc in Management with Diplomacy
Are you interested in foreign affairs? Would you like to work at global organisations and international NGOs? IBS in the Business and Diplomacy programme is for you!
BSc in Management
Management is sometimes defined as the achievement of results with, and through, others. Whether the challenge is beating the competitors or educating future professionals, the answer often comes down to management.
BSc in Management with Arts
Are you attracted by the world of art? Gain insight into the history, funding, ownership and creation of arts, including the music industry, but also get hands-on experience with the artistic creative process through practicum modules.
BSc in Management with Tourism
Tourism is a sector that is at the heart of many of the big moments in modern life such as major music or sports events, family weekends or a dream holiday on an exotic island.
BSc in Management with Psychology
This programme delivers an interdisciplinary understanding of generic business issues, providing you with a contextual understanding of the latest knowledge of psychology.
BSc in Management with Marketing
People get in touch with some kind of marketing every five minutes in our modern world. With our Management with Marketing bachelor’s degree you can gain thourough knowledge in marketing research, communication and management.

Master’s Degree in One Year

We offer six postgraduate programmes in English, on 3 campuses around Europe, all leading to the Master of Science degree conferred by our British partners. In order to accommodate your work commitments, we provide a flexible schedule with courses delivered in teaching blocks. The schedule makes it possible for students even with a full-time job to participate.

Two of our programmes, International Management and Human Resource Management are conversion programmes, so they can be attractive also for those wishing to make a career change: entry requirement is a Bachelor degree in any field of study. The Financial Management and the Marketing Management programmes are available only for applicants with relevant degrees. The International Management and the Human Resource Management programmes are available on both campuses,Vienna and Budapest.

За повече подробности по изисквания за прием и кандидатстване, моля свържете се с нас.